Rolling Submissions – Letters One is complete. We are now looking to fill Letters Two!

We want to hear, see, learn anything that has to do with knowledge, information, and learning from the perspectives of libraries, librarians, library staff, archives, archivists, museums, communities, the public, and others. All your thoughts, your writing, and your experiences are welcome.

Content: Anything that has to do with libraries, archives, museums, knowledge in general, reading, writing, literature, information (its use, access, and understanding), and many other tangential topics. Feel free to submit if you think it is a good fit. All perspectives are welcomed. But hate, violence, and any negative -isms will not be shared.

Formats accepted for Letters publication: fiction, non-fiction, essay, poetry, visual art, or surprise us. Nothing should have been professionally published before. Things published on personal blogs are allowed, but please note the date and source of the original in your submission.

Please note that while we have rolling submissions, our acceptance rate is only about 24%. If your materials are not accepted for a specific volume, you may submit more work for future volumes.

Submissions for the book will be accepted until enough are received for a printing. Submissions will always be open for the blog and will be considered for a later volumes.

The printing of Letters Two has not been finalized yet. Please see our publication process below.

Blog: The blog is the place where we will first publish materials. We don’t want to wait for the physical printing to share your amazing work. Materials will be rejected or accepted and posted as they are received. Almost everything that makes it to the blog will end up in the print Letters anthology. Basically, if you make the blog, you make the book. There will also be a dedicated webpage for each volume where your work will also be highlighted.

The blog is also the space where we will share announcements, stuff we like, events, pictures, etc. Please see submission guidelines below. Submissions for the blog and for the Letters Anthology are the same. All work on the Blog and in Letters will be credited to submitter, and all rights remain with authors/creators. To make finding your (or other’s work) use the browse page.

Submission instructions:

Submitting: Submissions are accepted by emailing

  • Email
    • Include in body of email:
      • Name (exactly as you wish it to appear in publication)
      • Short Bio
      • Title of entry/ies (up to 5 allowed)
      • Type of content (indicate poem, essay, non-fiction, fiction, image, other)
    • There are no page limits on any single piece, but longer the work, the higher the standard to warrant inclusion in the printed edition.
    • Text may be shared in body of email, but formatting may not transfer.
    • Preferred: Attach document or image (word, PDF, etc) Image (jpeg, png)
    • Preferred: Multiple attachments – each entry its own attachment. If single attachment contains more than one entry, each must be clearly delineated (i.e. each selection on its own page) with title for each. If submitting more than one format, each format may be its own attachment. 
    • Preferred: Name attachments: LASTNAME_TitleOfPiece

Please note that we do not have time to edit pieces after submitted. What you send is what we will post, so please proofread. We do our best with unique formatting and are happy to edit if we mess up, but we aren’t perfect, and we trust our authors, so we will always go with what you send.

Simultaneous submissions are allowed, but please let us know as soon as possible if you need to withdraw a piece.

Language preferred: English

There are no fees for submitting or for accessing online content. There is no payment for accepted work.

All pieces will be credited to the creator. By submitting you are acknowledging and attesting that you are the original creator of the work and have the right to publish. All rights and copyright remain with the author/creator.

By submitting, you are accepting that your work will be shared, with credit, openly and freely online and in print at any time. There will be a nominal sale price  for the print version of Letters. Contributors will not be paid for their work. This is a non-profit publication. Cost to buy a print volume is simply to cover cost of physical printing and shipping.


For general questions and inquiries (NO SUBMISSIONS) use the form below