Stories Under the Porch

The space under our back porch
surrounded by lattice work 
stapled onto wooden supports.

I knew how to pull lattice away
so my sister and I could crawl 
and hide from Mother.

Lacey was two years younger,
eager to follow me anywhere,
even into the dirt.

I told her stories of frogs and toads
borrowed from Arnold Lobel
whose books I loved to read.

When it was hot outside and Mother 
didn’t want us under foot indoors,
we lay under the porch in shade.

I think Mother knew where we were 
and understood how precious 
these moments shared between two sisters.

Fran Abrams

Fran Abrams, Rockville, MD, began writing poetry in 2017.  She has had poems published in print and online, including in the Winter 2021 Bulletin of Alan Squire Publishing, Bourgeon Online,and Cathexis-Northwest Press. Her poems appear in eight anthologies, including This is What America Looks Like from Washington Writers Publishing House. In 2019, she read at Houston Poetry Fest and at DiVerse Gaithersburg (MD) Poetry Reading Series. Please visit