Scrapbook from the 1930’s

This album honors lives now grayed and gone,
its pages of once-passionate regard
like silenced bells rusted in carillon
which resonate to speculations drawn:
She looks so grim; those times must have been hard -
the scrapbooked lives of forebears grayed and gone.
In fast-paced now, it might provoke a yawn,
this ramble down a defunct boulevard
to virtual bells rusted in carillon,
but photo albums house a pantheon
of those who in our history have starred -
monuments to lives now grayed and gone.
Some ancestors were pride and paragon.
The legacies of others leave us marred-
cracked bells residing in the carillon!
This relic is to browse, then place upon
some higher shelf, but never to discard -
this scrapbook filled with ghosts of grayed and gone,
like silenced bells rusted in carillon.

Lark Beltran

Lark Beltran, originally from California, has lived in Lima, Peru for many years as an ESL teacher.  Many of Lark´s poems have appeared in online and offline journals, including Penwood Review, Bolts of Silk, Miller’s Pond, Strange Horizons and Adirondack Review.