The rook’s skull,
Small and perfect
[More than ever
The bird in life];

How bones survive:
Their passage smoothing
That rough rudeness
Of the first caste

They make a template
For the fired soul;
And the delicate joints
Form a royal seal

Over the sea
A white gull flies;
Its dark shadow
Skims the waves

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe has had approximately 50 poems accepted by editors since 2017, online, in print and as spoken word. Recent pieces are in Lucent Dreaming, Aromatica Poetica, Squawk Back, Abridged, Seventh Quarry and in anthologies. He particularly admires the work of Edith Sodergran, Emily Dickinson and Ted Hughes. He shares a home in Milton Keynes with a niece who is an epidemiologist.