A Sonnet for the Words

I haven’t written rhyme in many weeks.
Perhaps it’s time to bring it to the page.
I fear my skill with words has reached its peak
and yet the poems within me boil and rage
to have their turn to be both read and told,
released from the abyss that is my brain.
In turn, I long to cast them from my hold
but fear and doubt keep all the words restrained.
I force myself to write and write and write
convinced eventually I’ll pen them free.
Armed with my words I fight and fight and fight.
The fraud police will not discourage me.
The words are breath and life and honesty.
Combined with a blank page they’re poetry.

Gabby Gilliam

Gabby Gilliam lives in the DC metro area. Her poetry has most recently appeared in Tofu Ink Arts PressTempered Runes Press, Cauldron Anthology, and the anthology “Medusa Rises” from Mythos Poets Society. You can find her online at gabbygilliam.squarespace.com.