She bade me burn her letters. I didn’t. – Robin Hazard Ray

Robin Hazard Ray is a freelance writer, crime-fiction author, and editor. Formerly a journalist, she wrote for the Boston Herald, MIT News, and the ephemeral Library of Congress magazine Civilization. She gives tours at Boston’s historic Mount Auburn Cemetery, research for which often takes her into the rich archives of the city. She lives in Somerville, MA, withContinue reading “She bade me burn her letters. I didn’t. – Robin Hazard Ray”

Full Circle – John Darling

Since May of 1976, John Darling has written and has published numerous stories, poems, and articles. His lone play, Stage Directions, has been produced in the United States, Canada, and most recently at the Soho Theater in London, England. He is a multi-genre author whose publications have mostly been short works of fiction and non-fiction,Continue reading “Full Circle – John Darling”

Words and Wisdom – Kate MacDonald

I’m Kate MacDonald, a retired septuagenarian. I started to write just over sixteen months ago at the start of the pandemic. I have many hobbies, but writing helps to fill an insomniac’s dark quiet hours. I’ve had ninteen poems and seven short stories published, online and in print by: Chris Fielden’s “Nonsensically Challenged,” which was forContinue reading “Words and Wisdom – Kate MacDonald”