The Library Love Letter is truly a labor of passion and (I know it is not creative, but) love.

The Library Love Letter was started by Martha E. Meacham as a way to gather the powerful stories and imagery that she has witnessed in her work with libraries, people, and information. This is not a place a vocational awe or the unchecked wearing of rose-colored glasses. It is a place of art, advocacy, and community. This is a place to have tough conversations, while still celebrating and highlighting the good things in this world.

Yes, this site is subjective. There is no absolute definition of beauty and art. We vow to do the best we can to be fair, inclusive, open-minded, and highlight the highest quality. Martha is working with a number of other librarians and writers on deciding what to include in Letters and on the management of this site.

Martha has been the editor of two other literary journals, Tidepools and Centripetal. She is a published poet. She is also a librarian, archivist, historian, bibliophile, writer, wanderer, investigator, etc.

We welcome any feedback about the site or the publication. We are not perfect, but together we can get a little closer.

Thank you